Padgett Genealogy

 Misc. Notes - copies for reference


                                                                  Eastview Cemeteries

MR. EARLY LEE PADGETT 04/19/1959 4/21/1959H 454 2
MRS. CARRA PAYNE PADGETT 09/15/1945 1/1/1945H 453 1
MR. WILLIAM HILLARD PADGETT 02/27/1971 3/1/1971H 454 4

                                                                          Myrtle Hill Cemetery, Rome, Ga  

                     Mrs. Lillie Jones Padgett                     1/1.1925         DN                078                   1

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  NOTE:            Some believe that the father of Eusebius Paget was Richard Paget, b.1515 Northamptonshire, England.- d.1585 Cramford, England.  - Spouse Katherine Isham, b.1517

                                                    Descendants of Eusebius

                                       I am unsure how correct this is. Please use with caution.

1st ____                               

                                                                  Eusebius Paget

Eusebius Paget, b.1545 Cranford England.- d.1617-- Married_____________?


1.Ephraim Padget,b. 1574--1646 Kent, England.

2.Katherine Padget, b.1580

3.Nathaniel Padget,b.1589 -d. 1589?

2nd ____

                                                            Ephraim Padgett Sr.

Ephraim Padgett Sr. b.1574 Kent, England. - d. 1646 Kent, England.  Married #1.Mary Borde, b 1570, Kent, England. #2.Jane Rogers, b.1580 Kent, England.- d. Detford, Kent, England.


1.Hannah Paget, b. 1603

2.Elizabeth Paget, b.1608

3.Mary Paget, b. March 11, 1609

4.Ephraim Pagett, b. 1614 Detford, England. -d. Detford, Kent, England - spouse: Mary Heath b.1618 Eng

3rd _____

                                                          Ephraim Padgett

Ephraim Padgett b.1614 Deptford, Kent, England. d_________? Married: Mary Heath. She was b. 1618 England.


1.Edmond Padgett, b. 1646 Kent, England--d. 1722 Essex, Va.-- married Elizabeth Veale

4th ____

                                                                   Edmond Padgett

Edmond Padgett Sr. b.1646 Deptford, Kent, England--d. 1722--Married Elizabeth Veale.She was born 1650 England, d.1722 Essex Va.


1.Edward Padgett, b.1668 Essex, Va.--d.1728 Chowan, N.C.- Spouse: Margaret Tyner b.1664

2.Abraham Padgett, b.1672 - 1722- Spouse: Mary Smith?? - Children: 1.Edmond Padgett 1700 - 2. John C. Padgett, 1827-1920, married Sarah D.Williams 1831-1900

3.Ephraim Padgett, b. 1676 Va. --d. 1735 Essex, Va.- Spouse: Mary Smith 1689 -1722

4.John Padgett, b.abt.1666

5.Henry Padgett. b.abt.1674

6 Mary Padgett, b. abt.1680

7.Elizabeth Padgett, b. abt. 1682

8. Francis Padgett, b. 1687 Essex, Va.-- d.1735 Essex, Va.

5th  _____

                                                              Ephraim Padgett Sr.

Ephraim Padgett Sr. b.1676,  d.1722/35 Essex, Va. -- Married: Mary Smith, 1689- 1722


1. Edmond Padgett, b.1700-- d. Essex, Va.

2. John Padgett, b.1719 Essex, Va. --d. 1790 Chester, S.C.

3. Ephraim Padgett  b. 1723 Essex, Va. -- d.1789 Chester, S.C. -- Married Elizabeth

6th  ____  NOTE - there is much debate as to whether Ephraim Jr. ever existed, and this is still unresolved. At the moment, I am myself leaning towards this view, which if true, would pose the question for me,  -  Who was the father of Abraham, b. 1760 in Rowen County, NC.?

                                               Ephraim Padgett Jr

 Ephraim Padgett Jr. b.1723 Essex, Va. d. 1789 Chester, S.C.  Married: Elizabeth_________?


1.Abraham Padgett, b.btw.1760 Rowen County, NC

2.John Padgett, b.1764 Rowan, N.C.- d. Oct.23,1837 High Shoal, Rutherford, N.C.

3.Ephraim Padgett, b abt.1778 Rutherford, NC ?

4.William Padgett

5.Edmond Padgett