Padgett Genealogy

                                                    Padgett Militery Records



Misc. Civil War Records.

                  Company "1", 52nd Georgia Infantry Regiment. Dawson County, Ga.

        Jacob Padgett, private,-- b.May 8, 1835 Ga. -- March 4, 1862----Captured at Baker's Creek, Ms. on May 16,1863, -- Paroled at Fort Delaware. Del. on July 3. 1863-- Recieved at City Point, Va. for exchange on July 6, 1863-- Deserted in Dec.1863.

        John Padgett, Private--  March 4, 1862--Captured at Baker's Creek, Ms on May 16, 1863---Recieved at City Point, Va. for exchange on July 6, 1863. -- No later records.

         William Padgett, Private-- May 4, 1862-- Roll call for Dec. 31, 1863 shows him present.-- No later records.


           Company "C" 43rd  Georgia Infantry Regiment. Pickens County, Ga.-- Pickens Volunteers

Alfred L. Padgett,  private--March 10, 1862--No later record

Alfred P. Padgett,  private-- March 10, 1862---No later record

John M. Padgett,  private -- March 10, 1862-- no later records


   Company "H" 8th Regiment, Georgia volunteer Infantry- Army of Northern Va.Rome, Floyd Infantry

Padgett, John W.- Private- May 13, 1861--discharged for disability at Centerville, Va. on Nov. 18, 1861---reenlisted as a private in Company G, 1st. Regiment Georgia Calvery on March 13, 1862.--  Roll call for Feb.1863 shows him on furlough.-- roll call for Dec. 31, 1863 shows him absent in Georgia.-- Took Oath of allegiance to U.S. Government  at Chattanooga, TN. and released March 30, 1864.